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Welcome to Ornamentology

Here you will find hats & accessories for the discerning, hints & tips together with the usual ramblings, akin to the steampunk and alternative cultured gentle-person. It's the place where creativity is positively encouraged and commissions are boldly undertaken so dive in and take a peek...... 

ornamentology at it's best.

Gail offers a wide range of hatting {millinery} services. 

She is on a one woman quest to banish badly fitting and uncomforable hats, from the world of steampunk. To this end; Gail will gladly measure your head and fit your hat. Just drop into her pop up hat shop for a free consultaion. 

Should you wish a commissioned piece hit that button and let's get started shall we?

How to measure your head...

How to get your correct hat size. It starts with the correct measurement of your head and here is a little vlog to help you. If you have any questions please just ask....